Corvette Road Trip
Traveling America's Roads in America's Sports Car

The urge to take a road trip is part of the human condition – at least that's the case with those of us that grew up in the '60s. We had as our idols Tod and Buzz following their dreams on Route 66 and Dinah Shore telling us to see the USA in our Chevrolets. Our family vacations started with packing up the family car and hitting the road. Getting there was as much fun as the destination. We would count cows, look for out of state license plates, play road games and always stop for breakfast and lunch at interesting little restaurants and diners. Mom would pack the cooler with snacks to stave off starvation. And yes, there was always the question "Are we there yet?"

Looking back, it's the memory of the trip that sticks so fondly in our minds. Some of us never lost the desire to travel the back roads and see the country. This website is dedicated to those of us getting out and seeing our country from our Corvettes and yes–we may be trying to relive our youth. Some of us have always wanted a Vette, Some have always had one, some are replacing one we had in our teens and twenties. But now that we have one, for whatever reason, its time to drive it. Whatever your reason for owning a Corvette and hitting the road, we are here to help make your Corvette Road Trip, or CRT as we like to call it, both a memorable and safe trip.

A road trip can be a weekend getaway, a week long vacation, or it way be a multi-state circumnavigation of the USA. No matter how short or how long – make it and take it. For our discussions here on, we will consider a road trip to be at least an overnighter and a road tour a day trip. is not about large cruises and caravan events. Although we love them, there are times when we like to get away, by ourselves, with our significant other or with a friend and avoid the crowds. Since we are about the trip as much as the destination, we also like the back roads more than the Interstates, the byways more than the highways.

So click on in and start planning. Visit our forum and share your questions, your experiences and your dreams.

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